Driving Courses Available at Leap Frog Driving Academy 

Driving Courses available at Leap Frog Driving Academy in and around the Barnsley area are as follows.

Weekly Lessons 1 or 2 Hours
Block Booking 10 or 15 Hours
Midway Course  20 Hours
Semi-intensive Course 30 Hours

Please note :- taking a course does not guarantee that you will pass your driving test, however, if you successfully complete all the targets set in your lessons then it is highly probable that you will.

Weekly Lessons 

Learning to drive, lessons can be spread over several weeks. Lessons can be booked individually or in a block at a discount.

(15 hours of driving lessons, the driving test.)

For those who are nearing test standard and who just need a short burst of lessons prior to the test we have the 15 hour course. It is also ideal for those who have had an attempt at the driving test some time ago but haven’t had any lessons since.

The in-car training provided is 15 hours on a one pupil to one instructor basis. (This includes 2 hours for attending the driving test).


Midway Course

For those who have already learned the basic control skills of driving we have the Midway Pass Course.

(20 hours of driving lessons, the driving test.)

The in-car training provided is 20 hours on a one pupil to one instructor basis. (This includes 2 hours for attending the driving test). 


Semi-intensive Pass Course 

This the most effective form of intensive training.

(30 hours of driving lessons, the driving test.)

The training is spread out over four or more weeks to suit yours and the instructor’s schedule.

It is designed for people who want to learn to drive and pass the driving test at a comfortable pace.

The in-car training provided is 30 hours on a one pupil to one instructor basis. (This includes 2 hours to attend the test).


How many hours will it take?

According to the latest Government survey people learning to drive in the UK buy, on average 52 hours of professional driving lessons. From this you will appreciate it can easily cost you over a £1,000 to learn to drive and take up to a year to pass the practical driving test.

I will aim to get you to test standard with around 30 hours of tuition, thus reducing the cost of learning to drive.

(this is dependant on the individual, as everyone learns at different pace, and provided you take responsibility for your learning.)


Weekly lessons versus intensive courses?

Taking just one hour driving lesson per week will help to spread out the training cost, however, you could end up paying far more in the long run and taking several months to pass your test.

This is because the first half of the next lesson is often wasted getting to where you were at the end of the previous one – thus it is like taking two steps forward and one step back.

Also if you are taking weekly lessons without any clear targets to achieve or set test date to aim for the training loses any urgency and lessons tend to drift off course reducing the driver training effectiveness even further.

This is why the semi-intensive courses are now far more popular. 

All my courses are carefully structured and expertly delivered so that no time in the car is wasted,

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For more information or an informal chat about which lessons or course will be best suited to you please feel free to call me on 07415 305739

or e-mail  alanstevens6@icloud.com

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